Juice cleansing is not about starving the body. It is about bring back balance and awareness to act as a Springboard (imagery) into to a better sustained diet and a more balanced state of being.

You remove the complex and ongoing processing that the body’s digestive system has to deal with and replace it with a highly nutritious and easily processed combination of juices & cleanse waters.



What should you expect from a cleanse?

DETOXIFIED: In the absence of the normal complex and often harmful substances we consume on a daily basis, your body firstly has been able to purge the body of those substances know to cause ongoing stress to the cells and especially to the site of any problems or disease

NOURISHED: Your body has had the chance to take on board a huge dose of greens, healthy fats, etc.

DIATARILY AWARE: As soon as you finish the cleanse, even in 3 days you will be so much more aware of what you are eating, how much you are eating and when you are eating. The key is to then use this awareness and the positive feeling of being better to your body to keep things kicking forward.

CATOLYZED: Once the body has purged itself and has adjusted to a lower caloric intake it actually starts its natural process of digesting and removing cells that are dead or dying or causing harm to those surrounding them. This process is naturally occurring but with today’s diets (high intake or salt, sugar and chemicals) the body never gets the chance to do this.

ACCOMPLISHED: you leave yourself firstly feeling positive about completing something that is far from easy… this should not be underestimated. It has been proven to prolong your life to constanting be setting and meeting goals.