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Image: 7 Days to Enlightenment - PRESS London
7 Days to Enlightenment
Regular price £280.00

Our new 7 Days to Enlightenment Cleanse has been curated to reset the body and mind.

Image: Virgin Juice Cleanse - PRESS London
Virgin Juice Cleanse

The perfect introduction to cleansing, sweet & simple.

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Image: Softcore Juice Cleanse - PRESS London
Softcore Juice Cleanse

One for the cleanse savvy wanting to push that bit further. 

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Image: Hardcore Juice Cleanse - PRESS London
Hardcore Juice Cleanse

Go Green or Go Home! Our deepest and greenest cleanse.

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Image: Couples Cleanse - PRESS London
Couples Cleanse

We know everything is easier when done with a friend.

So pick your partner and #feelgood together.

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Image: Glow Soup Cleanse - PRESS London
Glow Soup Cleanse

Energise and boost your immune system with this cleanse. Warming and nutritious, this will leave you with a healthy glow!

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Image: Nourish Soup Cleanse - PRESS London
Nourish Soup Cleanse

Take care of your body with this cleanse designed to nourish your body and soul.

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Image: Energise Soup Cleanse - PRESS London
Energise Soup Cleanse

Take care of your body with this cleanse designed to aid your digestion and energise your body and mind.

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Image: 7 day Reset - PRESS London
7 day Reset
Regular price £280.00

Push the reset button and let us take you on a 7 Day journey to a new you.

Image: 2 Week Diet Plan - PRESS London
2 Week Diet Plan

An easy 2 week diet plan to help break bad habits!

Image: 4 Week Diet Plan - PRESS London
4 Week Diet Plan

Our original four week weight loss programme. Choose your calorie plan, and leave the rest to us. We'll deliver five days worth of food every week for you. 

Image: 12 Week Diet Plan - PRESS London
12 Week Diet Plan

Take on 12 weeks of PRESS products from £20 a day. Our nutritionist approved weight loss programme is sure to help you feel your best.