Our subscriptions are a range of expertly tailored programmes for busy lifestyles and stressful environments. Whether you're looking for glowing skin, shiny hair, better gut health or the cure to a hangover, we've got you covered.
Image: Morning Celery Subscription
PRESS London
Morning Celery Subscription
Regular price £28.00

Our new Daily Celery Juice is the perfect way to start your morning off right!

Image: Low Cal Liquid Lunch
Low Cal Liquid Lunch
Regular price £27.00

Let us take care of all of your lunches this week and save time as well as calories!

Image: Skin, Hair and Nails Subscription
PRESS London
Skin, Hair and Nails Subscription
Regular price £38.00


Image: The Hangover Cure
The Hangover Cure
Regular price £28.00

Big night got the better of you? In need of a health hug? Look no further!

Image: Gut Health Booster Pack
PRESS London
Gut Health Booster Pack
Regular price £38.00

Healthy gut = happy you! This pack fills your gut with healthy, probiotic bacteria.