Our healthy food products are the best tasting and most nutritious because we invest in best in class research, science & plant-based ingredients.

Image: PRESS London Cacao and Matcha Energy Bar
Cacao & Matcha
Regular price £2.50

Our most 'balanced' bar due to its lower sugar content, whilst also providing a good source of protein.

Image: PRESS London Raspberry & Cashew Energy Bar Online
Raspberry & Cashew
Regular price £2.50

This light and creamy bar is a great treat to boost your fibre intake.

Image: PRESS London Pineapple & Goji Energy Bar Online
Pineapple & Goji
Regular price £2.50

Low in saturated fats, this sweet and fruity bar is the perfect snack to increase energy levels. 

Image: PRESS Water Bottle
PRESS' Reusable Bottle
Regular price £25.00

We've teamed up with Chilly's and created a reusable bottle that can keep your water ice cold for up to 24 hours.

Image: 8 Week Weight Loss Programme
8 Week Weight Loss Programme

Fancy pushing it a bit harder? This programme's twice as long as our original, for double the benefits!

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Image: 4 Week Weight Loss Programme
4 Week Weight Loss Programme

Our original four week weight loss programme. Choose your calorie plan, and leave the rest to us. We'll deliver five days worth of food every week for you. 

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Image: PRESS London Top Banana Bites Healthy Snacks Online
Top Banana Bites
Regular price £3.25

These may be dried bananas, but they are satisfyingly chewy and rich in flavour.

Image: Healthy Meal Plan - 1250 calories
2 Week Weight Loss Programme

An easy 1,250-calorie weight-loss plan for £150 per week. Choose your T-shirt below.

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Image: Phizz - Apple & Blackcurrant
Phizz - Apple & Blackcurrant

Big night, game or trip coming up? Then have a little Phizz at the ready to put it all back in.

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