Our healthy food products are the best tasting and most nutritious because we invest in best in class research, use the best quality ingredients and continuously innovate.

Image: Roots & Fruits
Roots & Fruits
Regular price £38.00

From the Orchard to the Garden, these are sweet, earthy and packed with nutrients. 

Image: Healthy Meal Plan - 1500 calories
1500 Calorie Diet Plan
Regular price £625.00

An easy 1,500-calorie weight-loss plan for £156.25 per week.

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Image: PRESS London Buy Kombucha Mixed Pack
Kombucha Multipack
Regular price £18.00

Refreshing, probiotic green tea now available in 2 flavours. Good bacteria for a healthy you.

Image: Vegan Smoothie Protein Blend
Morning Ritual Organic Smoothie Blend
Regular price £12.99

A superfood plant-based protein blend that includes all the right ingredients to make the perfect breakfast smoothie.

Image: Turmeric Cold Pressed Juice Shot Cleanse Detox
Turmeric Tonic Super Shot
Regular price £3.00

The main ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, a compound which has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Image: PRESS London Energy Bar - Healthy Snack Pack
Energy Bars
Regular price £6.00

Each bar is packed full of natural goodness & superfoods to provide a slow release of energy.

Image: PRESS London Pineapple & Goji Energy Bar Online
Pineapple & Goji
Regular price £2.50

Low in saturated fats, this sweet and fruity bar is the perfect snack to increase energy levels. 

Image: PRESS London Top Banana Bites Healthy Snacks Online
Top Banana Bites
Regular price £3.25

These may be dried bananas, but they are satisfyingly chewy and rich in flavour.

Image: PRESS London Raspberry & Cashew Energy Bar Online
Raspberry & Cashew
Regular price £2.50

This light and creamy bar is a great treat to boost your fibre intake.