Our healthy food products are the best tasting and most nutritious because we invest in best in class research, science & plant-based ingredients.

Image: PRESS London Kids Lunchbox Filler Healthy Snack Pack Online
Kids Lunchbox Fillers
Regular price £26.00

Banish back-to-school blues by popping one of these tasty & nutritious items in lunchboxes.

Image: PRESS London Energy Bar - Healthy Snack Pack
Energy Bars
Regular price £7.50

Each bar is packed full of natural goodness & superfoods to provide a slow release of energy.

Image: PRESS London Skinny Veg Broth Soup
Skinny Veg Broth
Regular price £5.50

Low in calories but packed with all the benefits of many root vegetables which promote your health and immune functions. 

Image: PRESS London Thai Coconut Soup Online
Thai Coconut
Regular price £5.95

Rich in flavour and aromatic spices, this soup has incredible health benefits.

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Image: PRESS London Tomato, Basil & Cashew Soup Online
Tomato, Basil & Cashew
Regular price £5.95

The hint of cashew is key to making this soup rich and creamy, the added chilli offers a powerful punch of nutrition.

Image: PRESS London Minted Pea Soup Online
Minted Pea
Regular price £5.95

This vibrant soup is simple but deliciously fresh and full of flavour.

Image: PRESS London Butternut & Beetroot Soup Online
Butternut & Beetroot
Regular price £5.95

The perfect winter warmer, sweet earthy beets and squash make this a great choice on a cold day.

Image: PRESS London Cacao and Matcha Energy Bar
Cacao & Matcha
Regular price £2.95

Our most 'balanced' bar due to its lower sugar content, whilst also providing a good source of protein.

Image: PRESS London Raspberry & Cashew Energy Bar Online
Raspberry & Cashew
Regular price £2.95

This light and creamy bar is a great treat to boost your fibre intake.

Image: PRESS London Pineapple & Goji Energy Bar Online
Pineapple & Goji
Regular price £2.95

Low in saturated fats, this sweet and fruity bar is the perfect snack to increase energy levels.