Our healthy food products are the best tasting and most nutritious because we invest in best in class research, science & plant-based ingredients.

Image: PRESS London Favourites Juice Pack Online
Regular price £28.00

Undecided or new to PRESS? Try a selection of our current favourite juices. Easy!

Image: PRESS London Support Immunity Pack Online
Support Pack
Regular price £46.00

Boost your energy levels and support immunity with our most supportive products in one pack.

Image: PRESS London Mixed Smoothie Pack
Regular price £25.00

Our smoothies are bursting with delicious, wholesome flavours - claim your free pack!

Image: PRESS London Buy Nut Milk Leches Online Mixed Pack
Mixed Leche Nut M•lks
Regular price £26.00

A refreshing and delicious alternative to milk in 3 flavours. A great morning snack or afternoon pick me up.

Image: PRESS London Buy Kombucha Mixed Pack
Kombucha Multipack
Regular price £18.00

Refreshing, probiotic green tea now available in 2 flavours. Good bacteria for a healthy you.

Image: PRESS London Kids Lunchbox Filler Healthy Snack Pack Online
Kids Lunchbox Fillers
Regular price £26.00

Banish back-to-school blues by popping one of these tasty & nutritious items in lunchboxes.

Image: PRESS London Super Greens Cold Pressed Juice Pack Online
Super Greens
Regular price £36.00

Lean, mean and no nonsense. With zero fruit content and a selection of leafy greens, this pack will kick you back into health!

Image: PRESS London Roots & Fruits Variety Pack Online
Roots & Fruits
Regular price £38.00

From the Orchard to the Garden, these are sweet, earthy and packed with nutrients. 

Image: PRESS London Roots and Greens Variety Pack Online
Roots & Greens
Regular price £36.00

A great balanced pack to keep things healthy and hearty, beety and firey!

Image: Womens - Fitness Pack Essential Kit
Fitness Essentials

Make your trip to the gym stress-free with a well packed gym bag.

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Image: PRESS London Detox Tonic Shot Pack Online
Detox Tonic Shots

Detox shots to get you back on track, this is the go-to shot for a fresh start.

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Image: PRESS London Immunity Tonic Shot Pack Online
Immunity Tonic Shots

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help you boost your immune system.

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Image: PRESS London Energy Bar - Healthy Snack Pack
Energy Bars
Regular price £7.50

Each bar is packed full of natural goodness & superfoods to provide a slow release of energy.

Image: PRESS London Healthy Snack Pack Online
Snack Pack
Regular price £9.00

They're raw & vegan with no nasties or added sugars. Perfect on-the-go bites to fuel your body.

Image: PRESS London Organic Vegan Protein Now Available Online
Organic Vegan Protein
Regular price £23.99

Our Pea Protein is a natural plant-based way to boost your protein intake and provide a balanced combination of the key amino acids.

Image: PRESS London Organic Cacao Nibs Now Available Online
Organic Cacao Nibs
Regular price £9.99

Our cacao nibs are great blended in smoothies or mixed into yoghurt with fresh berries.

Image: PRESS London Organic Chia Seeds Now Available Online
Organic Chia Seeds
Regular price £7.99

These nutrient rich seeds are a great source of protein and potassium.

Image: PRESS London Organic Hemp Seeds Now Available Online
Organic Hemp Seeds
Regular price £10.99

Hemp seeds are an optimum source of fatty acids including omega 3-6-9 and vital minerals.

Image: PRESS London Organic Matcha Now Available Online
Organic Matcha Powder
Regular price £20.99

Made from the finest tea buds, dried and then milled into a fine powder. 

Image: PRESS London Organic Turmeric Now Available Online
Organic Turmeric Powder
Regular price £5.99

Turmeric has long been used in medicine because of its high concentration of curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Image: PRESS London Nourish Soup Cleanse Detox
Nourish Soup Cleanse

Filling and most importantly, tasty! Take care of your body with this cleanse.

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Image: PRESS London Beginner Juice Cleanse Detox
Beginner Cleanse

The perfect introduction to cleansing, sweet & simple.

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Image: PRESS London Intermediate Juice Cleanse Detox
Intermediate Cleanse

One for the cleanse savvy wanting to push that bit further. 

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Image: PRESS London Advanced Juice Cleanse Detox
Advanced Cleanse

Go Green or Go Home! Our deepest and greenest cleanse.

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Image: PRESS London Energise Soup Cleanse Detox
Energise Soup Cleanse

Energise and boost your immune system with this cleanse.

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Image: PRESS London Greenhouse 1 Cold Pressed Juice
Greenhouse 1
Regular price £6.95

Our most traditional green, making it a perfect daily juice.

Image: PRESS London Greenhouse 3 Cold Pressed Juice
Greenhouse 3
Regular price £6.95

For the hardcore juice lovers, this low sugar juice is perfect for balancing blood sugar.

Image: Greenhouse 5
Greenhouse 5
Regular price £6.95

The spiciest green of them all, this juice is for the brave!

Image: PRESS London Orchard 1 Cold Pressed Juice
Orchard 1
Regular price £6.95

The sweet and tangy flavour of strawberries is undeniable. 

Image: PRESS London Orchard 2 Cold Pressed Juice
Orchard 2
Regular price £4.95

Apple juice reinvented! Fiery ginger and sharp lemon make this juice an amazing immune booster.

Image: PRESS London Orchard 3 Cold Pressed Juice
Orchard 3
Regular price £6.95

A sweeter juice balanced with creamy coconut. A big winner with both adults and children.

Image: PRESS London Garden 2 Cold Pressed Juice
Garden 2
Regular price £6.95

A fiery and earthy juice, the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

Image: PRESS London Grove 3 Cold Pressed Juice
Grove 3
Regular price £4.95

Sweet and citrusy, it's Orange juice with a twist.

Image: PRESS London Berry Recovery Cold Pressed Smoothie
Berry Recovery Smoothie
Regular price £4.50

A triple threat of a smoothie! The berry trio of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

Image: PRESS London Immunity Cold Pressed Smoothie
Immunity Smoothie
Regular price £4.50

This smoothie hits all the sweet spots with a pinch of zing on top.

Image: PRESS London Super Greens Cold-Pressed Smoothie
Super Greens Smoothie
Regular price £4.50

Super green and super delicious! It's hard to find a healthier smoothie than this.

Image: PRESS London Cold Pressed Cacao Nut Milk
Cacao Leche Nut M•lk
Regular price £5.50

Naturally sweetened, the delicious, 'better than chocolate milk', treat.

Image: PRESS London Cold Pressed Espresso Nut Milk
Espresso Leche Nut M•lk
Regular price £5.50

Your coffee hit in a dairy-free, refined sugar-free and healthy form!

Image: PRESS London Cold Pressed Vanilla Nut Milk
Vanilla Leche Nut M•lk
Regular price £5.50

Creamy, naturally sweet and packed full of vanilla, one to satisfy dessert cravings!

Image: PRESS London Activated Charcoal Lemonade Water
Charcoal Lemonade
Regular price £4.50

A refreshing and energising dark lemonade with a hint of Lavender.

Image: PRESS London Blue Spirulina Lemonade Water
Blue Spirulina Lemonade
Regular price £4.50

The vibrant blue colour comes from the addition of Spirulina.

Image: PRESS London Original Kombucha Online
Kombucha Original
Regular price £3.50

Kombucha is a living drink, considered to be a refreshing probiotic green tea.

Image: PRESS London Raspberry & Elderflower Kombucha Online
Kombucha Raspberry & Elderflower
Regular price £3.50

A perfect balance of both sour and sweet and is a healthy alternative to artificial soft drinks.

Image: PRESS London Skinny Veg Broth Soup
Skinny Veg Broth
Regular price £5.50

Low in calories but packed with all the benefits of many root vegetables which promote your health and immune functions. 

Image: PRESS London Thai Coconut Soup Online
Thai Coconut
Regular price £5.95

Rich in flavour and aromatic spices, this soup has incredible health benefits.

Image: PRESS London Tomato, Basil & Cashew Soup Online
Tomato, Basil & Cashew
Regular price £5.95

The hint of cashew is key to making this soup rich and creamy, the added chilli offers a powerful punch of nutrition.

Image: PRESS London Minted Pea Soup Online
Minted Pea
Regular price £5.95

This vibrant soup is simple but deliciously fresh and full of flavour.

Image: PRESS London Butternut & Beetroot Soup Online
Butternut & Beetroot
Regular price £5.95

The perfect winter warmer, sweet earthy beets and squash make this a great choice on a cold day.