Tequila: No. 1 Plata 70cl

El Rayo Plata perfectly captures the vibrant flavours of Mexico’s majestic blue agave plant. Herbal aromas give way to bright citrus notes warmed by a hint of peppery spice. El Rayo Plata’s fresh and savoury flavours balance perfectly with bittersweet Indian tonic water. Serve together with a slice of grapefruit for a modern, refreshing drink. Read More

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El Rayo and Tonic is the modern way to enjoy tequila. The blue agave flavours naturally pair with tonic to create a complex and refreshing drink – fresh and vibrant with a unique mix of herbal and savoury notes. No more sipping. No more shots. We are slowing the pace. A moment where you can really savour, relax and enjoy tequila with friends

El Rayo is a unique, single-ingredient spirit. All its flavours come from one slow-grown plant – the revered blue agave. Thanks to its 8 years spent maturing in the nutrient rich soil of the Mexican highlands, our agave slowly develops a unique depth and range of flavours.   Hand-planted, hand-harvested and hand-made to retain as much of the natural complexity as possible. The result is a clean spirit that naturally packs a range of vibrant, fresh, herbal notes. These flavours pair perfectly with the bittersweet taste of tonic water to create a modern, refreshing drink.



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