NYE, for many, the most anticlimactic day of the year, especially if you're single. You've been invited to a couple of random house parties but you don't know many people going and you don't particularly want to go (effort!), your good friends are coupled off with their partners and they're either doing something 'special' together or you're NFI'd their couples dinner parties, you've spent the whole of the Xmas period with your family so you'd rather stick pins in your eyes than hang out with them again. 

Yes, that all sucks! But HELLO, the night is young & the world is your oyster!


1. If you want to do something (but it is perfectly acceptable to not do anything), lock your plans down early! Be proactive, get a group together & organise something, anything. Slumber party, dinner party, dinner out, night out? The possibilities are endless! 

2. Make sure you carry mistletoe around with you. It can be a little awkward when literally everyone is kissing at midnight but if you carry some mistletoe, people can't really say no? 

3. If you don't end up snogging anyone (no biggie), a glass of champagne will definitely suffice. Not too much though - no one wants to carry you home. 

4. Remember to not set any expectations or to get your hopes up for the evening. 9/10 this will make your night much better! 

5. If you end up at a couples party, make sure you wear something that makes you feel like Lady Gaga. The more outrageous the better! None of your non-single friends would do that but you're a strong independent woman (or man). 

6. If you happen to get pecked by a strong independent someone, it's just a peck so don't get too excited. If, however, he follows up by asking for your number (and then follows through) - you can get a little bit excited. 

7. If multiple kisses occur, you don't have to have sex with this person (but you can if you really want to). People may or may not judge you so be ready for that the next day. 

8. NYE gives us a deep need to couple up but you'll probably wake up happier the next morning if you go home alone (believe it or not). Don't start 2018 with an "Oh F*ck."  

9. If you walk away from NYE thinking it was like every other sh*it NYE you've ever been to, just know that the feeling is not exclusive to single people...

10. NYE is overrated & full of expectations that we hope will push us into the next year like new born lambs, ready to take on the world. 

11. And none of us - single or not - can escape the fact that year after year, NYE gives us nothing more than a hangover & inexplicable glitter in places where the sun don't shine. 

12. If you decide to stay at home, cook yourself a fancy dinner (Pot Noodles are also ok) and don't forget the bottomless prosecco. 

13. But if you are more adventurous than a night home alone, take a trip abroad! Do it. Make the last day of the year your most memorable one! 


Don't forget, it's better to spend NYE alone than settling! Celebrate a new beginning, a new YOU...



Chloe, Palmer
Photo Credit: Jerry Kiesewetter
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