Managing Your Mental Health Throughout The Second Wave

Feeling confused, worried, terrified about the future? As we continue heading into very 'unprecedented times' (how bored are you of those words?!), we explore how we can learn to manage our mental health- and thrive- during this second wave.

What if you are living with a mental illness that could be exacerbated by this non-stop rolling news? 

While it is important to stay informed about Coronavirus, having a non-stop stream of notifications and speculation isn't going to be great for anyone’s mental health. Over the next few days we are going to set ourselves some simple rules and really make ourselves a priority. If like us, you are feeling overwhelmed then join us on this journey to managing your mental health during a second wave (*sigh*).


Your phone is next to you 24/7, the temptation to grab it every notification is real and checking the latest headline can lead you down a very, VERY dark hole. We are here to remind you that you CAN turn off notifications for your news apps. Better still, check to see what apps are sending updates and uninstall them. If you want to stay informed, set some time aside in the day to have a little peak but don’t get caught up in it. Also, 


All social media platforms allow you to mute users. If someone you follow is sharing updates that make you feel uneasy or sharing misinformation then mute them. You don’t need that negativity in your life! Muting someone doesn’t mean you have to unfollow them but it does mean you don’t see their posts for a while. The best part, they’ll have no idea!


If you want to equip yourself with the latest information about the Coronavirus then make sure you turn to a source of information that you can trust. While the temptation is to turn to social media for the latest breaking news, getting information from a reliable source is important. 


It’s good to get someone else’s point of view sometimes. Choose wisely though because speaking to someone else who is struggling will probably make you feel worse. It is easy to get overwhelmed in our own pattern of negative thoughts, so talking these though can help break those cycles.

If you find yourself trying to cope with extended periods of anxiety or stress then speak to your doctor. Many GPs now offer telephone consultations - check with your GP surgery to see if this is available where you live. 


Making time in your day to do the things you enjoy is a good way to distract yourself from the news cycle. Take an hour out of your day to go for a walk or maybe find somewhere quiet to sit with a book. Turn off the TV and enjoy crossing off a few books from your reading list. 



It is very easy to forget to have a well-balanced meal when we are stressed or anxious - but cooking can help detract from negative thoughts and ensure that you eat well. If you are not into cooking then maybe ask a loved one or friend if they will help you. Or check out our meals and soups- we have a range of delicious products to choose from and all you have to do is pop them in the microwave. They're bursting with vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein!

We also have loads of yummy recipes on The Squeeze that you can try out.

Spend at least an hour winding down from your day with the television or your phone turned off. We find keeping a little notebook next to your bed can really help because you can jot down all of the worries in your head and get them on paper.

If you are really struggling during this time, please contact an emotional support service such as the Samaritans  or if you are worried about your physical health you can call NHS 111.  

Stay safe! Team PRESS x

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